MODI and its requirements are disclosed to international stakeholders

A total of 18 stakeholders from 10 countries and 4 continents have participated in the first international workshop to develop the MODI project. The Stakeholder Board Group (SBG) includes representatives from Freight and logistics spectrum, OEMs, tech providers, infrastructure administrators, representative bodies, and R&D organisations amongst others.

The workshops, each lasting more than 4 hours, were held online on October 2 and 3. During the sessions, the general purpose, objectives, and preliminary results of MODI were shared and discussed. The focus was on the adequacy of the requirements for highly automated transport solutions, and more specifically on the requirements for users and stakeholders, safety, security, connectivity, and automation.

The active participation of CCAM stakeholders and the logistics sector will improve understanding of the project’s challenges and ensure that the solutions and recommendations put forward are relevant at all levels in Europe, and at international level. Thus, this kind of dialogue with stakeholders provides an outstanding opportunity to benchmark the work completed to accelerate the uptake of CCAM solutions in daily logistics operations in Europe compared to similar ongoing initiatives in Asia and the US.

We are pleased to experience that our work on requirements for highly automated driving makes sense and aligns with relevant international stakeholders. We also appreciate the engagement and contributions from a diversity of expertise and approaches in the discussions.

Interesting takeaways include, among other aspects, perspectives on trade-offs between vehicle developments and the need for adjustments on the physical and digital infrastructure (C-ITS) to support automated driving, the involvement of mobile network operators in the development of connectivity, and the importance of aligning the legal and technological feasibility with the practical needs of the logistics industry.


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