MODI Project bi-annual meeting and General Assembly meeting in Sweden!

After more than a year into this intense project, the MODI Project consortium came together at Volvo Trucks CampX facilities in Gothenburg, Sweden, for a 2-day meeting to reflect on the milestones achieved so far and shape the challenges awaiting this project’s upcoming years.

⏭️⏭️MODI is leaving behind the Raising Awareness phase to enter the next stage, which will focus on implementing the requirements collected from the stakeholders in the five use cases and paving the way for impact.⏭️⏭️

Furthermore, all the MODI Project partners had the excellent opportunity to witness firsthand the impressive Einride automated vehicle demonstrations at the AstaZero AV test track! Seeing the vehicles easily handle the various conditions in a controlled environment was incredible. This highlights the trend towards autonomous vehicles and their growing importance in meeting the most pressing challenges in Transportation and Logistics across Europe.


Congratulations to all participants in the MODI initiative for an outstanding first year of accelerating CCAM solutions in logistics and paving the way for impact! 👏🏽

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