CNN International highlights the benefits of the MODI Project

CNN International has broadcasted a report about the MODI Project’s goals in Global Connections, a program that focuses on examples of positive impacts on international trade. 

Andreas Allström, Director of public funding and research collaboration, and Tomas Ohlson, Founding engineer at Einride provided an overview of MODI: goals, Einride’s involvement, and the role of the EU research and development funding in paving the way for an autonomous and more sustainable future.

The interview, aired on the 11th and 12th of March 2023, covered the outlook of cross-border transportation: focusing on how a digital and autonomous future will shape the international movement of goods and the current areas needing improvement at the border.

In that sense, it has also been analysed which areas need to implement border changes to facilitate this autonomous transit.

If you missed it, the segment is available here (minute: 11:29):