MODI in the FAME workshop in Brussels

The EU-funded FAME project has among its missions to support the European Commission and the CCAM Partnership in coordinating CCAM R&I and testing activities in Europe.

MODI coordinator Ragnhild Wahl participated in the panel discussion on needs and gaps for future large-scale demonstrations on 8 March in Brussels. The panelists, who represented a few selected projects on automated transport, shared experiences about challenges and opportunities. A specific focus was placed on scalability to reach a critical mass and what would be the next step to follow projects and initiatives. 

Wahl highlighted the need for systematic testing in various contexts and that the use cases must contribute to systematically increasing the knowledge base. It is essential to address automated transport on a long-term strategic and short-term level with concrete technology, system development and demonstrations. At the strategic level, we face the challenge of freeing ourselves from current work processes. Automated transport opens an entirely new design of transport and logistics systems, which we cannot realise in many cases. 

The FAME project organised the debate and was chaired by MODI partner Mats Rosenquist, Volvo.