MODI, among the game changers at ITS Europe 2023

The MODI delegation actively participated in the 15th ITS European Congress entitled ‘ITS: The Game Changer’ in Lisbon, Portugal. The Congress’s principal theme “ITS: The Game Changer” was chosen to illustrate the powerful role Intelligent Transport Systems, digitalisation, and cooperative, connected and automated mobility can play in addressing the key challenges in the mobility and transport sectors.

To begin with, Dr Lone-Eirin Lervåg (ITS Norway), MODI’s vice-coordinator, delivered a presentation on the project’s first steps at the European Commission stand. After that, MODI partners were engaged in several Special Interest Sessions (SIS).

And finally, on May 24th, MODI was one of the disruptive projects presented and discussed during the session Innovative Cases and Learnings from European Freight and Logistics Use Cases, along with H2020 AWARD, H2020 STORM, and HE ULTIMO projects.

This thematic session aimed to provide unique insights and experiences from four distinct research and innovation use cases in the field of freight and logistics. These use cases have been developed as part of EU-funded projects.

AWARD and MODI contribute valuable insights regarding medium to long-range freight transportation. They specifically address the challenges associated with scenarios involving automated vehicles, emphasizing aspects such as safety considerations, inter-modality, and cross-border operations. These projects explore the potential benefits and obstacles of incorporating automation in freight transport, paving the way for future developments in this domain..


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