MODI Biannual Meeting in Hamburg: Fostering collaboration and innovation in logistics and transportation

The MODI Biannual Meeting in Hamburg, held on May 14 and 15, hosted by New Mobility Solutions Hamburg GmbH, marked a significant milestone in the project’s journey towards maximising its global impact. The meeting allowed the project’s stakeholders to take stock of the first 18 months of progress, focusing on the work carried out since the last consortium meeting in Sweden and enhancing dissemination at the use case level.

The meeting began with a discussion on MODI’s potential to contribute to accelerating CCAM deployment in Logistics. After that, a detailed review of the project’s execution over the past 18 months was presented: work package leaders, use case coordinators, and vehicle providers had their chance to update the consortium on the progress made so far and the challenges tackled as well as engaging in a fruitful discussion. Finally, a MODI promotion workshop was held to enhance dissemination at the use case level. The workshop brought together experts from different fields to share their knowledge and best practices, ultimately leading to defining the unique value proposition of each use case, its alignment with the project as a whole, and prioritising the communication and dissemination actions for the upcoming 6 months. Additionally, field visits to relevant local stakeholders in the field of Logistics were organised by the host. The aim was to exchange views on good practices and foster networking between MODI partners and local CCAM players in Hamburg.

The meeting concluded with a discussion of the project’s future plans and strategies. The attendees were briefed on the project’s vision for the next 18 months and the steps that would be taken to achieve this vision. Importantly, the bi-annual event concluded with a strong commitment from all stakeholders to work together towards the project’s goals, ensuring its continued success.

The MODI Biannual Meeting in Hamburg was a significant event in the project’s calendar, marking a major step towards enhancing its global impact. The meeting’s focus on Logistics and use cases and their promotion was particularly noteworthy, as they highlighted the project’s commitment to innovation and collaboration.

In conclusion, the MODI Biannual Meeting in Hamburg was a resounding success. It brought together key stakeholders from various sectors to discuss and address the project’s progress and future actions to accelerate the uptake of CCAM solutions in Freight Transportation and Logistics, ultimately paving the way for its continued success and global impact.

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