MODI kick-off meeting

MODI: A leap towards SAE L4 automated driving features. 

The MODI initiative, which consists of a 34-organisation public-private partnership, met in Oslo to kick-off the project from 2nd to 3rd November 2022.

After an overview by coordinator ITS Norway, each work package leader deliver a presentation on their plan and next steps for the next 6-month period in the F2F meeting in the Norwegian capital.

MODI in a nutshell

With ITS Norway as the project coordinator the ground-breaking MODI project aims to speed up the introduction of highly automated freight vehicles through demonstrations and to overcome barriers for the roll-out of automated transport systems and solutions in logistics. The transport corridor from the Netherlands to Norway has been chosen for demonstration activities. Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, and Norway are among the European countries expected to be the first movers to implement fully automated vehicles.

The project comprises five use cases, each describing a part of the logistics chain. It identifies what is required for automated driving level without human interaction (known as SAE level 4), and what is not possible yet. The project will focus on understanding and overcoming the regulatory barriers and infrastructure shortcomings on the motorway corridor for public roads. The confined areas terminals located by Rotterdam, Hamburg, Gothenburg, and Moss ports. Each terminal focuses on challenges like access control, charging, coordination with automated guided vehicles, loading/unloading and handover from public to confined areas.

In addition to the demonstrations, MODI provides detailed business models for the logistics sector, demonstrating that CCAM vehicles can lead to greater profits, especially when driving in a coordinated way.

Automated transport will significantly contribute to improving European transport and logistic chains. The MODI research project will make substantial steps toward identifying and resolving barriers preventing this from coming true.

What’s next?

MODI received an EU funding grant of nearly €23 million by the European Commission under the programme Horizon Europe, and a total budget of approximately € 28 million, to accelerate the introduction of Connected, Cooperative and Automated Mobility (CCAM) solutions to significantly improve logistic chains across Europe and beyond. 

The 34 partners consortium from 8 different countries will work together for the next 42 months. They are leading companies and innovative, growing ones recognized for their real-world applications and expertise, as well as research organisations. This maturity and balanced expertise enhances the partnership capabilities for the replicability and sustainability of project results. 

You can follow MODI on Linkedin and Twitter to engage with the consortium and be up-to-date with its next steps.