MODI calls for logistics stakeholders for the Use Cases design

MODI aims to accelerate the adoption of highly automated freight vehicles through demonstrations and by overcoming barriers to the rollout of automated transport systems and solutions to improve European logistic chains. To this end, MODI has gathered requirements from users (logistics actors) and other relevant stakeholders (road authorities, road owners, data providers etc.) as input to use case design and development. In addition, learning how demonstration activities must be embedded in broader logistics operations is also critical at this initial project stage.

The following business use cases and associated logistics operations will be addressed:

  • Autonomous terminal/warehouse operations.
  • Autonomous drayage, short-distance terminal-to-warehouse haulage.
  • Autonomous highway transport from the hub very close to the highway.
  • Autonomous mid-distance inter-city/-town haulage.
  • Autonomous long-distance international haulage.

The ongoing interviews will be taking place until the end of March.