“The Digital Road”; a conference organized by MODI’s partner the Norwegian Public Roads Administration on April 10 and 11, 2024, at Scandic Lerkendal in Trondheim.

Viktor Gabrielsson, Project Manager at AstaZero, participated in “The Digital Road,” which gathered more than 230 attendees. Mr. Gabrielsson showcased a segment of AstaZero’s efforts within the MODI project, leveraging data sourced from Norway’s NVDB (National Road Database). NVDB, known as Nasjonal veg databank, is the foundation for constructing a digital replica (OpenDRIVE) of the border crossing on the road E6 at Svinesund, bridging Sweden and Norway. The conference analysed how MODI facilitates efficient data capture through new and external data sources and how we tested and developed for the future of road transport based on these.

“The objective is to facilitate readiness for the forthcoming demonstrations of automated vehicles within the MODI project. One such demonstration is slated for a segment near Svinesund in the latter part of 2025. The work we present can be viewed as preparatory groundwork, establishing an environment that vehicle manufacturers can integrate into their simulations,” explains Mr. Gabrielsson.

The Norwegian Public Roads Administration is building the digital road – an intelligent digital transport network. The digital road is intended to facilitate an intelligent transport system that will contribute to increased traffic safety and provide better accessibility sustainably.
Road and transport-related data have never been more relevant in community services. For these data to provide value, they must be available and of known quality. All links in the value chain, from collection and establishment of datasets to extraction and use, are closely linked.
MODI remains at the forefront, driving technological progress in automated driving while advocating for open data and fostering collaboration to cultivate a sustainable future in the transportation domain.