MODI participates at FISITA World Congress!

The FISITA World Congress is the most significant connection opportunity for the international community of mobility engineers.

Barcelona becomes the hub for the international mobility systems engineering community from 12 until 15 September 2023. The Technology of Mobility Conference & Exhibition incorporating the FISITA World Congress 2023, FISITA World Mobility Summit, FISITA Intelligent Safety Conference Europe and EuroBrake, has gathered the mobility systems engineering sector’s critical stakeholders, aiming at exploring, the technology, methodology and strategy, by bringing together the many different disciplines of engineering innovation required for the technology of tomorrow’s mobility. This was the backdrop for MODI’s participation in the conference.

In-Move’s Technical Project Office Director, Mr. Vicent Pastor, has delivered a presentation on MODI’s vision, objectives and expected results in a R&D&I project session. Titled ‘MODI: A European cross-border initiative to accelerate the introduction of CCAM solutions to significantly improve logistic chains’, Mr. Pastor has offered a general overview of MODI and the impact it can have in the medium and long term on international logistics and freight transport for an audience of around 35-40 attendees covering the triple-helix of innovation (60% Research & Academy, 30% Industry and 10% Authorities). Additionally, synergies and cooperation with other EU projects within the Transportation and Mobility areas are currently being discussed.

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